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What is a hostel?

A hostel provides a comfortable night’s sleep at a low cost in private or dorm-style accommodations. Hostels are located in unique settings all over the world. They come in all shapes and sizes, from historic buildings with 20 beds to renovated hotels with 600 beds, and often reflect the special character of their surrounding communities.

What is Hostelling International?

Hostelling International, or HI, is a brand name that makes it easy for travelers to find a hostel they know will meet high standards of cleanliness, service, and safety. The nonprofit International Youth Hostel Federation adopted the HI brand name in the early 1990s. Now travelers can just look for the trademarked HI blue-triangle logo to find quality accommodations. Hostelling International USA is an affiliate of IYHF, and operates a network of 57 hostel accommodations throughout the United States.

What makes HI hostels unique?

HI hostels offer an opportunity to interact with other travelers of any age, culture, background, or experience in a safe environment. HI hostels also provide free or low-cost programs, self-service kitchens, comfortable common rooms, and additional amenities. HI hostels are the trusted source for quality at a great price because they meet international quality standards for cleanliness, service, and safety.

How do I find hostels?

For hostels across the United States, visit For worldwide locations, visit the international HI website. HI also publishes an annual hostel guide that can be purchased from HI-USA.

Do I need to be a member?

HI membership is not required to stay in our hostels in the United States. However, nonmembers may be charged an extra nightly fee of $3. Some European HI hostels will only admit members.

What are the member benefits?

HI members receive discounted overnight rates at more than 4,000 HI hostels in 80 countries around the world, in addition to free basic travel insurance, discounts on international phone calls, commission-free currency exchange, and more. For details, please see Membership.

Can I bring my service animal to your hostels?

Service animals are allowed as specified by law. Please inform the front desk about your service animal when you make your reservation. Staff may ask you if your animal is required because of a disability and that you keep your service animal with you at all times and on a leash. Owners of service animals are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Who stays at hostels?

HI hostel guests all have a few things in common: they want accommodations that provide quality, value, and a friendly atmosphere that makes it easy to meet other travelers. Aside from that, our guests are incredibly diverse, coming from all different cultures, countries, backgrounds, and age groups. HI hostels are not just for young people, although the majority of guests at most hostels are between 18 and 30 years old.

Can groups stay at hostels?

School groups or social, community, professional, or religious organizations are welcome at HI hostels, but advance reservations are required. Many HI hostels have special meeting/event facilities or group programs. For more information, please see Groups.

Do I need a reservation?

For peace of mind, HI recommends that you make a reservation; however, walk-ins are welcome if space is available. Please see Reservations for more information. All prices are excluding local lodging tax of 14%.

Do you accept credit cards and traveler’s checks?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express,. A credit card is required to make a reservation. All prices are excluding local lodging tax of 14%.

What do I need for check-in?

Check-in requires a valid government-issued picture identification card (passport, driver's license, or state or military ID card). If you're an HI member and want to receive the member rate, you must also present your membership card. 

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