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9 Reasons Traveling Millennials Are Choosing Miami Hostels Over Hotels

Millennials are quickly outnumbering the baby boomers. Therefore, more attention and market research is being placed on them. They are changing spending and travel trends. For example, many Millennials are choosing hostels over hotels when traveling. Below are nine reasons traveling Millennials are choosing Miami hostels over hotels.

1 - Cost Efficient

Hostels are a more cost efficient option to pricy hotels in Miami. They offer a place to sleep while traveling.

2 Enjoy the Surroundings


3 - The Basics are Covered – Especially FREE Wi-Fi

Miami hostels offer all the basics at reasonable prices. Travelers will have a bed, place to shower, somewhere to store belongings, and most importantly free Wi-Fi.


4 - Something Special and Cool Factor

Hostels are very trendy with Millennials. This means not only are they affordable, but they offer the cool factor as well.


5 - An International Community

Hostels in Miami Beach are a popular place for International travels to frequent. This is very appealing to many Millennials because they offer a global community.


6 - Don't See Value in High Prices

Being fiscally conscious, makes the appeal of staying in a Miami Hostel highly appealing due to the value of economical traveling.


7 - The Connection

Hostels offer Millennials the connection they adore. This is because many hostels are set up where groups of travelers share sleeping accommodations. They get to share stories, and meet new people.

8 - Social Responsibility

Many Millennials are very socially responsibility. So, not wasting a bunch of money on a pricey room they will spend little time in, that could be spend on buying local merchandise to help the area is one more reason they are choosing Hostels in Miami Beach.


9 - Not Much Need for Traditional Hotel Services

Lastly, they prefer to get out and explore the area. Therefore, they really have no need for the services at hotels such as concierges, room service, spas, and so on.


Millennials are changing the way companies are doing business, even if they don't know it yet. The preference to hostels over hotels, are just one of the many changes on the horizon. 

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