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7 Reasons to Travel to Miami in December

Southern Florida is a beautiful place year round.  Of course, we love the beaches, the nightclubs and the many different dining venues to choose.  These attractions are often the reasons why people come here, but December is one of the most enchanting months to be in the Miami area.  Here are seven reasons why you need to make it this your destination location.

1.  The weather is perfect this time of year.  Average temperatures are between 60 and 70 degrees.  So it's ideal for outdoor activities like biking, boating and swimming.  The water is a bit colder in the Atlantic, but it's still refreshing and well worth a trip to the beach.

2.  Other than the weather, many of the venues for dining and attractions will offer more discounts this time of year.  Don't forget to check Groupon and Living Social for any specials for places like Santa's Enchanted Forest or Duck Tours.  

3.  Holiday decorations fill the streets. Displays of lights give this tropical peninsula a festive feel.  Many diverse cultures are celebrating Chanukah, Cuanza and Christmas fill the city with holiday spirit.

4.  White party week is celebrated the first week in December.  Supporting LGBT communities by incredible parties and everyone dressed in white.  It's one of the best times to be in and around Miami.

5.  Miami holds the best events this time of year.  Events like Art Basel and South Beach Food and Wine Festival are giant global attractions.

6.  There are fewer pests during this time of year. Since we live in subtropical climates in Sobe, we're forced to use a cologne of bug spray.  This time of year the mosquitoes are at bay and making it a more pleasant environment altogether.

7.  The people here are especially kind and in the holiday spirit during this time of year.  You'll notice that many of the locals have gotten bit by the holiday bug.  There's warmth from both residents and guests in this magical town, making this one of the ultimate vacation spots for December.  

For more information, speak to our staff on events around the city.

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