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5 Ways to Save While You Travel During the Summer

If you’re anything like the rest of us who love to travel, but are always looking for ways to cut costs this is the blog for you. We’ve outlined five effective ways for you to save money being adventurous.

1.)    Book off-season:  Summer is an excellent time for traveling to many destinations such as Miami Florida. Because of the heat, many voyagers and vagrants are scarce. Ask any travel agency to book you the best deal you will find that is during the off-season. During the months of December through May you can expect that to be the high season in places like South Florida. Therefore, booking your flight and hotel should result in more cost effective fares.  By booking your vacation during this time frame you can expect to save between 20 and 50%.

2.)    Use apps: Apps such as Groupon, Living Social and Smart Bid Savings can help you save thousands of dollars on things like food, entertainment and car rentals. Most of these apps are free and downloadable to your phone. Make sure you present your coupons prior to service to ensure these are valid. If you are traveling with a compadre, this can be particularly valuable as many of these deals are two-for-one. You will find that many of the local businesses will advertise in places such as these to draw business during slow times.