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5 Must Have Items for Millennial Travelers

Just take a look around and you can find a solution for just about any dilemma.  This can be particularly true when it comes to items people insist on traveling with. Today we have more innovation at our fingertips than ever before and we’re about to give you more to consider. We put together a few items that are excellent for Millennial travelers. Along with the usual passport and identification, these gadgets seem to be all over Miami Beach, so we wanted to share. So grab yourself a hot or cold beverage, curl up with your phone or tablet and have a look!

Universal battery charging stations are vital for travelers of all ages.  Some of the charging stations will recharge multiple devices and not just one, making your charging time faster.  This becomes invaluable for the days you’ll be needing cell phone, camera and tablet or computer. Don’t leave home without a universal battery charger.