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5 Places to Visit While Staying at a Hostel in Miami this October

The month of October is certainly one of the best months to visit the Miami area.  Whether you’re a traveler or a resident there’s a multitude of things to do.  Average weather for this time of the year is generally around 26c, making it a more pleasant as the temperatures continue to drop.  Of course you will want to visit the beaches and take in all the salty Atlantic Air, don’t let the fun stop there.  Here are five places that you’ll want to visit while staying at the Hostel that are close by.  

  1. Check out one of the USA’s favored teams at a Miami Heat Game
  2. Wear your Costume for the Monster Masquerade
  3. Fly a Kite at the 21st Annual ''Kitetoberfest''
  4. Take a spin on a coaster at the “House of Horror” Amusement Park
  5. Go on a Miami Boat Tour and Learn the History of this Enchanting Town


Since 1988 Miami Heat has torching South Florida and we aren’t talking temperatures here.  We’re talking about some of the NBA’s top rated players.  In the past Miami Heat has won three league championships with 5 conference titles and 11 division titles.  That’s why catching a game should be a must when visiting this incredible city.  Super Champ players like Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are sure to give your vacation the ultimate highlight.  For more information go to

Next in line will be you for the Monster Masquerade Ball at the Miami Zoo.  This party starts on October 16th and end October 17th.  You can rock the night away and have a few screams at Dr. Wilde’s Creepy House a 7,000 square foot haunted house.  The tickets are at a “ghostly” price of only $20! If you haven’t packed your suitcase just yet, then throw in your costume or you can purchase one in town.  

Haulover Beach will be hosting the 21st annual Kitetoberfest.  This is an inexpensive way to spend your afternoon and watch all the extraordinary kites.  The event is from noon to 5 p.m. on October 20th.  Be sure to bring snacks and sunscreen.  The best part is this event is FREE!

If you’re a thrill seeker, then you’ll want visit Doral’s “House of Horrors” Amusement Park. With over thirty rooms of terror and two acres of rides, there is no doubt you’ll be scared out of your mind.  You’ll need to rent a car, or get a ride from Uber or Lyft since it’s a bit far from the beach areas or if you’re staying at the Hostel.  If you visit the website, you can get $2 off your ticket. The fun will be the ride home and thinking of how the costumed actors scared the daylights out of you!

For all the history buffs staying with us, the Miami Boat Tours offers a Historic Miami River Cruise.  What can be better than learning about the history behind this electrifying town by way of boat?  You’ll get a complete history lesson learning about how the Tequesta Indians inhabited the lush tropical area.  You’ll want to bring your camera, as there are many attractions including ocean wildlife.   Tickets for the tours are $60 and can be purchased at this website:

This town is full of incredible and fun things to do besides the beach areas.  For more information, speak to the ambassadors at the hostel.  They are a world of information and have a ton of ideas that will lead you to a great vacation experience.

1506 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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