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There are several ways to find some of Miami Beaches best secrets. We’ve compiled a bit of knowledge to share with you on how to do just that.  You can find a needle in a haystack, if you know where to look. Use this blog as a tool or guide when you're exploring, since it will list a few ideas on how to find Miami Beaches Hidden Gems.

Don’t be afraid to ask the locals.  This is by far going to be one of the best things you can do when trying to find unchartered territory in the area.  Rarely do the local people and residents spend their time hitting the same beaches and venues that the tourists are going to. The reason for this is primarily because of cost and traffic.  Ask someone who works at the hostel or someone who is working at a local retail or diner where they like to go and if they can recommend a place where no man’s gone before. Remember to stay safe by not asking people walking on the streets. By asking the staff at the place you’re staying or an employee of a particular place, your shopping you’re taking good precaution.

Next think about places like Groupon and Living Social.  These are apps you can download to your smart phone that offer discounts and coupons for a multitude of items like food and drinks.  A few things to point out regarding these apps is they have many great deals that you can find by using price preference and a zip code.  The magic about this software is that many times the owner of proprietary will offer discounts because they are in off beaten paths and are trying to attract more people to their establishments giving you not only a small percentage of your bill but a chance to find places that are real jewels.

The local newspapers such as the Sun Sentinel and the Miami Herald are two well know publications, but there are several smaller newspapers and magazines floating around that will tip you off of new and well visited activities, clubs, eateries and museums.  These may be a little tricky to find but you can usually do a google search for zip code then type in local newspapers.

Press Releases are another great way to find out what’s new in town, but it’s also another terrific source for information regarding businesses that have gone through renovations, or have received some type of accolade recently.  

Facebook, Twitter and Social Media can help unlock some of the biggest mysteries when it comes to finding places to visit during your stay.  Visit the cities directly and connect with them to see what is happening.  If there are newer venues being introduced to the area, there’s a good chance they’ll show up on there.  Twitter is by far one of the better places to find out about current events and private events that are seeking additional guests. Performer and resident “Pitbull” will often times throw secret parties or seek extras when filming by way of tweeting, so if you want to be in the know use this app.

There are many other ways to obtain information regarding places to visit in SoBe.  But the best people to ask would be the staff at the hostel. These folks are undoubtedly your greatest asset when you’re a guest here.

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