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4 Reasons the Hostels in Miami Beach Are Taking South Florida by Storm

There are many upscale hotels and resorts in Miami, but there is one accommodation option that is taking Miami Beach by storm. Hostels are quickly becoming the favorite with any travelers. They offer a budget friendly stay, without feeling as if you are getting ripped off. There are four main reasons hostels in Miami Beach are taking over South Florida as the go to of choice.

Reason #1 – The Great Cost

Hostels are known to be the economical-friendly option to international and US travelers. In fact, hostels have been one of the main accommodations overseas for decades. Visitors get a warm bed, a secure place to store their belongings while touring the city, usually have unlimited kitchen use, and many other amenities. The cost is low, because most Miami Beach hostels are set up in a dorm style, where guests share sleeping quarters.

Reason #2 – Getting to Know Other Adventure Seekers

This communal set up makes it all but impossible to get to meet new friends. The vibe at hostels is laidback and friendly. This is a big draw for many travelers. You get to make new contacts from across the pond and all over the world, as well as other US travelers. There are many who stay in hostels just for this reason alone.

Reason #3 – In the Heart of it All

Most hostels in Miami are located right in the heart the city's action. Visitors can leave the hostel and be right around the corner from the hottest restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Also, many hostels offer free or very low cost transportation to their guests.