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3 Reasons Why YOUNG Adults Are Driving the Hostel Movement

Thanks to movies like Hostel, hostels have gained a bad reputation, but that reputation can’t be further from true. Hostels are amazing experiences and youths everywhere are taking full advantage of gaining those experiences. Below are three reasons why young adults today are taking to the hostel scene like fish to water.

Reason Number Three: Hostels have to be one of the most cost efficient ways to travel. Let’s face it, most young adults are broke. We are usually hoping to have enough in our bank account to buy lunch, so the last thing we are looking for are ridiculously overpriced hotels. Especially not when we can save all that money and use it on sightseeing and drinking. Hostels allow us to do so. Most hostels usually cost between $15-$40 a night depending on the room type and hostel location. The prices really are incomparable.


Reason Number Two: Hostels prove to be extremely convenient and young adults are all about convenience. You can usually find a hostel within in walking or public transportation distance of your destination. Beyond that, you can usually book when you want to without hassle. I once walked into a hostel after a day of touring and asked for a room for myself and two of my travel companions. 10 minutes later we were preparing for bed. There were no holds on our credit cards, or no other fan fair. It was literally as easy as 1-2-3. Along with the location and booking ease, hostels are usually full of information on cool, free things to do in the area. What young person doesn’t want cool free things? They also usually have a bunch of coupons for surrounding attraction. These are really helpful when planning out all your touristy activities.


Reason Number One: There is an unparalleled experience that comes along with staying in a hostel. When youths travel we are looking for the experience. We are not going to a place to relax in peace and quiet. We are looking for a place to go out, meet new people, and push our comfort zones. Hostels allow that. Every person that walks into the hostel has a story, or a series of events that brought them there and you get to meet them all. The atmosphere surrounding hostels is open, friendly, and always unique. Youths walk away gaining as much from the hostel experience as they did from the place itself.

Overall, the youngsters of today are not looking for some stuffy old hotel. We are looking for a place to spread our wings and see what the world has to offer, and hostels give us that opportunity. This is why new adults act as the driving force behind hostels.

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