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3 Places in Wynwood Every Traveler Should Check Out

If this is your first time visiting Miami or you’re a long term resident Wynwood is one of this city’s gems that’s sometimes overlooked.  It’s eclectic, artsy vibes attract world travelers from around the globe. During some of the major events like the prestigious Art Basel Wynwood is often a place that is alive with celebrities as well as anyone following the art scene.  The mystifying graffiti riddled walls, the shops and galleries lend to the towns charm and brazenness at the same time.  Here are a few places that you absolutely must check out when visiting the urban borough of the Wynwood district.

Panther Coffee

Now what would art be without coffee?  The answer: Just art!  Before checking out the rest of Wynwood, we highly advise you to stop into one of our favorite hot spots.  From the second you walk in you can smell the unanimous roasts, the espresso delicately hits your sense of smell and you feel like you’ve walked into coffee heaven.  Panther Coffee is a well-known established coffee bistro they’re located at 2390 NW 2nd Ave in Miami they’re open 7 days a week but check the times.  Happy face? It’s not unusual to see celebrities like Lenny Kravitz or amidst the rustic décor.  You can stop in for a night of Karaoke if you’re lucky enough to join the rogue, but friendly brood, or you can catch a coffee before hitting the pavement outside and taking in a few other places.