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12 Ways to Travel to Miami for Less than You Think

If you are planning a trip to Miami, you may be thinking it will be costly. However, with the following tips, you will be able to travel and enjoy all the city has to offer on any budget. Below are twelve ways you can travel to Miami for less than you thought possible.

1 – Free Flights

Flyer mile points are a great way to get free flights. Be sure the credit cards you have offer this perk. You may need to be flexible on your travel dates, but this will still save your hundreds.


2 – Hostels

Avoiding hotels and choosing a hostel in Miami will offer you a place to sleep, shower, and put your things while exploring the city.


3 – Travel in a Group

Many times, you can get discounts for traveling in a group on transportation and accommodations.


4 – Check the Visitor's Bureau for Savings

When you arrive in Miami, be sure to go to the Visitor's Bureau. There you will find savings for things like entertainment, transportation, accommodations, dining, and more.


5 – Surf the Web for Discounts

You can find a ton of travel discounts by looking online.


6 – Travel in the Off-Season

Traveling during the off-season offers a great amount of savings, because businesses are trying to make up for the lack in tourist traffic.


7 – Forget the Rental Car

While in Miami, you can forget the added cost of car rentals. There are many more affordable options like bikes, buses, the Metrorail, trains, taxis, walking, and the ferry.


8 – Cook Your Meals

Cooking your own meals is another huge savings. While staying at a hostel in Miami, you will usually find there is a community kitchen available for use.


9 – Utilize Happy Hour

If you like to have a few drinks, than you will find great savings in many establishments' Happy Hour. Drinks and sometimes food is offered at a discounted rate.

10 – Avoid Trendy Restaurants

Trendy and big chain restaurants are a sure way to blow your budget. You will find that local eateries are a better option.  Except for our signature restaurant Taquiza!  We offer gourmet tacos that are amazingly delicious!


11 – Join Travel Clubs

Joining travel clubs will help in saving on your travel budget. There are many different options such as AAA, AARP, YMCA, and HIUSA. The HIUSA is a great option if you plan to stay at a hostel in Miami.


12 – Research

Before you start your trip, spending time doing research can save you quite a bit. Look into the best traveling dates, where to stay, and so on. 

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