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10 Things to Do in and Around Miami Beach

If you're new to the area or are here on a holiday visit, you're going to love this blog.  We included some of the best things you can do in and around the Miami Beach area. This blog will give you world class adventure and a lot of dynamic memories.  

Miami Beach is notorious for the glamourous beach areas, and that's what everyone thinks of first.   We kept that last so you could focus on the many other attractions this tropical paradise has to offer.

1.      Create a Walking Tour:  Creating a walking tour is an easy way to explore SOBE.   By creating a map using Google Maps you can log an area by zip code and select landmarks to add to your homemade tour.

There's plenty of transportation throughout the areas, so it's not an issue if you get too far on foot.  Don't forget to ask the staff at the HI Miami to give you some pointers on where to create your walking tour.